About Us



Truth Saddlery promises to provide quality products for our clients. Let us be the start of your journey to a solid foundation for all of your desires within the equine industry.

Our foundation starts with using only exceptional material and workmanship to build Truth Saddles. We believe in providing the absolute best quality and craftsmanship for all our products.

Our Vision

We believe our quality control vision measures and makes our process consistent on every level.

This process is based on the four principles we call

“The Four ‘F’s”

1. Fit

2. Form

3. Function

4. Forever

Every one of our saddles is held to these stringent standards as they are built to ensure excellence.

Our clients can rest assured that nothing leaves our shop without meeting these expectations to benefit both the horse and rider!

For more information on ordering Call it Text to  (575)616-5600 truthsaddlery@gmail.com